We offer wide range of services that would bring in organization-wide benefits proper leveraging of wide range of products, technologies and frameworks provided by Oracle Corporation.

  • Through our Oracle Consulting Services we can be part of your team, wherein we bring in our expertise, experience and best-practices, for development, implementation, upgrade, maintenance of your interesting and ambitious solutions and projects through proper leveraging of wide range of Products, Frameworks and Technologies provided by Oracle Corporation.
  • Through our Java, Web and Mobile Solution Development Services we can design and development Internet and Mobile Enabled Solutions to cater for your specific business needs and requirements.
  • Through our Expert Services, we can provide services to evaluate, validate, choose, experiment, solutionize and develop proto-types with different technologies and products. Also we can provide expert advices for complex requirements, perform design validation to pre-empt potential issues. Thereby, we can be your R&D Center and Expert team. Through these services we can reduce the cost and effort for take-on of new technologies, open up or win new opportunities based on these new technologies and reduce future risks and cost through proper analysis of the technology and products (before taking it forward).
  • Through our Professional Services, we can cater for your requirements of Staff Augmentation for Skilled Professionals in various skill-areas.
  • Through our Corporate Training and Skill Development Services, we can provide services to improve and build new expertise in your workforce/employees.